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Sea Moss Alfalfa Shampoo and Sea Moss & Marshmallow Root Leave-in Hair Milk, BESTSELLER


Sea Moss Alfalfa Shampoo 8 oz. & Sea Moss Marshmallow Conditioner 4 oz.

This hair care bundle will assist with your hair care journey as it gradually promotes hair growth with each use.

This shampoo assists with flourishing your hair and reduces shedding hair. Alfalfa herb is rich in nourishment for hair and scalp care.

The marshmallow root in the conditioner makes hair softer and enhances natural hair.

The Sea Moss is wildcrafted (raw) from the Caribbean, and prolific in plant collagen, sulfur, and potassium. Also, highly rich in minerals, nutrients, proteins, silica, calcium, iodine, and vitamins A, D, E, F, and K.

Apply this shampoo to wet hair until there's a good lather, repeat if necessary, and rinse with warm water. Also, the conditioner is a leave-in, but if you want to use it as a rinse-out, you can.

Organic Sea Moss (wildcrafted), Organic African Black Shampoo, Natural Alfalfa Herb, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Natural Activated Black Charcoal, and Peach scent.

INGREDIENTS for the Conditioner
* Caribbean Sea Moss (wildcrafted) from sea salt ocean
* Certified Organic Marshmallow Root Extract
* Wheat Germ Oil
* Organic Rosemary Oil
* Rose Petals Oil
* African Shea Butter
* Silk Amino Acids
* Dimethicone (as of 3/20/2023)
* Preservative (no parabens)

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