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Chickpea Hair Serum, Natural Hair Product

$12.00 - $19.98

Chickpea Hair Growth Serum

* Chickpeas contain magnesium
* Chickpeas contain folate
* Chickpeas contain potassium
* Great for hair follicles
* Apply to fine hair
* Anti-shedding
* Apply this chickpea hair formula as nourishment
* Rub on your hairline edges
* Buy one bottle for 4 oz.
* Buy two bottles for 8 oz.

Apply a moderate amount to clean damped hair. Also, massage a small amount onto the scalp for a few seconds. This serum is a leave-in.

Chickpeas juice, Organic clove, Organic shea nut oil, Organic pro-vitamin b5, Chickpeas, Organic honey, Organic cinnamon, Preservative (no parabens), and Coconut cream pie scent.

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